AP Biology

Course Information

Instructor:  Ms. Jo-Leigh MacPhee (CKRHS)
Suggested Prerequesites: Biology 11 and Chemistry 11 are strongly suggested prerequisites for AP Biology. It is suggested that students taking AP Biology while in Grade 11 should also be taking Chem 11 at the same. 
When is this course taught?: Year long. (2016 - 2017 - Tuesday and Thursday - Online and ready by 7:45 AM. Class runs to 8:45 AM) Students MUST be online by the start of class.
Lab Experience: Students travel to Central Kings Rural High School periodically for biology lab afternoons and possibly a lab day. Lab dates are set in consultation with the enrolled students.
Independent Study: Independent study is an integral component of this video conferencing course. Students must be independendent learners and have good time management skills. Past students consider this to be excellent preparation for a post-secondary education.

College Board Course Description

AP Biology is designed to offer students a solid foundation in introductory university-level biology. In this course, you will be held to high expectations and mature responsibilities just like a university freshman taking Introductory Biology. This course prepares students for the AP Biology exam in addition to the rigors of balancing demands placed on you academically and socially. 

What we know today about biology is a result of inquiry.  Science is a way of knowing. Therefore, the process of inquiry in science and developing critical thinking skills is the most important part of this course.  This course will emphasize how scientists use their observations and readings to ask questions that can lead to new experiments.  These experiments build on the work of others and eventually lead to additional evidence on different topics.  This investigative process will be used throughout this AP Biology course. It is important for students to become excited with discovery as they ask and answer their own questions about natural/biological phenomena that they see, read about, or experience in the laboratory and field.  It is also important that students connect new concepts with what they know, helping them build a solid framework of biological knowledge and scientific know-how.  This will help students enter the future, prepared for whatever lies ahead of them. 

In order to achieve all of this, the course is been developed around the AP Biology Curriculum Framework that focuses on the major concepts in biology and their connections.  The Curriculum Framework provides a basis for students to develop a deep conceptual understanding as well as opportunities to integrate biological knowledge and the science practices through inquiry-based activities and laboratory investigations.

The course has been set to cover the following biological ideas:


-Organic Molecules

-Metabolic Pathways (cellular respiration and photosynthesis)

-Cell communication and cell cycles


-Molecular Genetics


-Systems (Immune, endocrine, & nervous)