Virtual Course Technology


          Virtual AP schools within the AVRCE are equipped with internet access that allows for video conferencing classes to take place across the district. Each student participating in the virtual program is equipped with webcams (in courses where needed) and headsets which enable both audio and visual contact between the instructor and the students. The Via Videoconferencing system is a web based system that can be accessed from any computer. This allows students to easily access the material from school or at home. It employs a whiteboard system that allows instructors to upload files, websites, animations, and images that can be used during the instructional period. Both students and teachers can write comments on the whiteboard (see below) in relation to the file that is present or make small drawings for explanation purposes. There is also a chat area that allows the instructor and students to communicate with each other.


          Also all schools are equipped with printers, scanners and computers for use in the virtual project. This allows for a great deal of flexibility in the scheduling of classes and gives the students the equipment needed to participate in a class of this nature. This year the AVRCE will use the Via Videoconferencing program as used by the Nova Scotia Virtual School.

Tutorial - A tutorial is available for all students taking the online courses and can be accessed by clicking on this link..

          All students will be issued a course invitation by their instructor. This will be sent to the student's school e-mail (NSPES/GNSPES) account. They must accept the invitation in order to access their course(s). All students will also be provided with a username and password for the Nova Scotia Virtual Schools Via Videoconferencing system at the September orientation evening. During the school year students can then access the website at and log in.