The AVRCE Virtual AP Program

The Virtual Advanced Placement Program offered by the AVRCE is a an effort to bring advanced level courses to schools that may not have the number of students to warrant such a class or the students may have timetable conflicts preventing tham from taking a particular class. Each course follows the U.S. based College Board Advanced Placement Curriculum guidelines and is a unique combination of virtual video conferencing and on-site activities that includes labs, field trips and special presentations. During the on-site activities all students are brought together for the activity giving students an excellent chance to exchange ideas with other highly motivated students. Download the Virtual AP Brochure for further information.


Schools currently offering courses through the Virtual Program:

  • Annapolis West Education Centre
  • Avon View High School
  • Bridgetown Regional High School
  • Central Kings Rural High School
  • Horton High School
  • Middleton Regional High School
  • Northeast Kings Education Centre
  • West Kings District High School

Advantages to Students

Smaller schools have the opportunity to access advanced level courses which would not normally be available in the schools.

Most universities are giving a high priority to students who undertake advanced level courses. Partaking in the virtual program allows students to be more competitive when applying for scholarships.

Scheduling Flexibility
The Virtual AP Program courses are offered on a full-year schedule. Individual classes can be scheduled at any time during the school day. Students can take the classes prior to and after school as scheduled by the instructor.

Individual Attention
Individual attention is emphasized in all courses and instruction is personalized as much as possible. Online teachers are available to students via teleconference, telephone, e-mail, and fax for consultations and one-on-one instruction.

Virtual instructors are responsible for the total education of students from the initial class introduction to the final exam. Each school has an AP Coordinator to help keep students on task and act as a contact person for students and teachers.

The first step is for students to talk with their school guidance counselor to obtain information about the program. For more information download the Virtual AP Brochure that is designed to provide answers to questions that students and parents may have regarding the program.